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Book Club

Instructor: Aaron Blumenthal


In Book Club, we read, analyze, and discuss the historical context of a classic novel.

In addition, we read works of short fiction and nonfiction relevant to lessons about the novel to facilitate discussion, create variety, and give students the satisfaction of finishing readings on a regular basis.

Assignments include weekly readings, guided reading questions, response papers, and 1–2 longer essays.


This class is somewhat intensive in terms of reading; each week, students read the assigned portion of the novel and a short reading. It is necessary to do this before class in order to have productive discussions.


Past books

Typically, students vote on the novel from a few options that we read portions of on the first day. These classics have enough humor and drama to entertain and enough depth and historical context to reward close attention.

  • Pride and Prejudice

  • Madame Bovary

  • Seize the Day

  • The Portrait of a Lady (Volume 1)


Book Club Part 1 is Mondays 5–7 PM via Zoom.

Example notes

This is an example of notes I drew during a lecture on a fantastic short story called "Irina" by Mavis Gallant.

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