ONLINE GPA Solutions (Monthly)

ONLINE GPA Solutions (Monthly)


We help students maintain high GPAs by providing homework assistance and exam preparation. Our elite group of instructors is on stand-by from 4 to 9 pm, Monday to Friday, to respond to questions and provide assistance. Students are invited to self-study and ask questions when in need. At our online teaching hub, there are both subject-experts waiting to answer their questions. Our primary goal is to make sure that students complete all school-related assignments on time and diligently prep for future exams.


Duration: Mon-Fri (4-7 or 6-9 pm)

Location: 100% Online

Instructors: Aaron Blumenthal (English and Literature), Julia Shin (Math, Bio, Chem), Daniel Yoo (English, History, Math), and Jamie Kim (Math, Physics, Chem, Bio)