ONLINE Private 1:1 Tutoring (Hourly) – Middle School

ONLINE Private 1:1 Tutoring (Hourly) – Middle School


Critical Reading & Writing:

Students explore and analyze texts from a variety of literary genres, from high school classic literature to periodicals. Students then develop their reading, writing, and editing skills in workshop-style classes.

Research & Critical Thinking:

Students diagnose the issues surrounding various topics and design their own research questions and draft research proposals. This program trains students to become critical thinkers. Students develop all the skills required for critical thinking, logical reasoning, scientific analysis, reading, writing, and research.

Test Prep (ISEE/SSAT):

The ISEE/SSAT prep course covers the testing strategies students need to excel on the ISEE/SSAT. Students learn all concepts tested in verbal reasoning, reading comprehension, quantitative reasoning, and mathematics achievement.

Public Speaking & Debate:

Students are introduced to various concepts and models of communication (both verbal and nonverbal). They learn to deliver various types of speeches, including informative, narrative, motivational, and persuasive speaking.


Students master mathematical foundations and skills to apply reasoning and problem-solving skills to real-world situations and build conceptual understanding that serves as the foundation for high school mathematics.


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Location: 100% Online

Instructors: Aaron Blumenthal (English and Literature), Julia Shin (Math, Bio, Chem), Daniel Yoo (HIstory, English, Math), and Jamie Kim (Math, Physics, Chem, Bio)