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Winter 2020–2021 Programs

Sapient offers ONLINE LIVE group instruction for winter courses.

Registration must be done via phone or email due to limited enrollment.

SAT Winter Camp

(targeting the March 13th test)

Dates: 12/21–12/31

This intensive boot camp covers SAT Math, Reading, and Writing and Language with simulation tests, test reviews, and lectures.

Optional Spring Extension: 1/9–3/6 (9 weeks)

English Boot Camp 1:

Advanced Creative Writing

Dates: 12/21–12/31

Students will write a work of fiction from start to finish that can be used for competitions or applying to programs such as OSCA's Creative Writing Conservatory over this intensive seminar.


Students will also be required to prepare discussion responses based on readings from scholars such as Aristotle, Barthes, and James Wood and authors such as Chekhov, Woolf, and George Saunders.

This course can be taken on its own or alongside English Boot Camp 2.

English Boot Camp 2:

Grammar and Reading

Dates: 12/21–12/31

Students will develop a mastery of grammar and advanced writing techniques as well as improve their reading comprehension and analysis. Potential readings include Shakespeare, J.K. Rowling, Flaubert, and pieces from The New Yorker.

This course can be taken on its own or alongside English Boot Camp 1.

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