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Writing Workshop

Instructor: Aaron Blumenthal


Classes will be in person.


This is my writing, reading, and grammar fundamentals course, typically for grades 7–9. We'll analyze short fiction and nonfiction as well as cover literary and rhetorical devices and how to write a great essay. 

The summer version is significantly more intensive. While students don't necessarily need to be advanced before enrolling, they do need to be prepared to tackle 2 quizzes and 2 writing assignments per week.

Challenge Groups


I break students into groups of 2–3 to tackle 30-minute case studies (short essays or essay fragments that I write based on the day's main lesson) or other challenges. These require students to work together to think not just critically but also creatively about what makes an essay good—or not so good.



The difficulty of this course will be adjusted to the level of the students who enroll. That means we might cover grammar and essay writing in detail (with Functional Grammar and Functional Literature), quickly review, or jump straight to advanced concepts.


  • Monday–Thursday: 12:30–2 p.m.

  • 7/11 – 7/29 (3 weeks)

How to Enroll

Please contact us directly at either or 

(949) 910-5366.

Example challenge group

Notes from ECS
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