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of my own

The following poems are from Vivian Guo's poetry collection, of my own.

trudging along:

my feet hurt as I walk down this path

my head bows to stare at the rough rocks 


I wonder

if I’m even in the right place 

someone passes me so

I must be

without hesitation 

they sprint ahead 


I stare blankly for a few moments 

until the person is out of sight 

I mimic their pace 

until my feet are no longer as light


reasons for my headaches 

         - tightness of my hair ties 

         - stress from my studies 

“it’s because you sleep with wet hair” 

         - my mother


the rocks fall


each plop is so kind 

the ripples they make 

in the pond

lead to huge waves

crash ashore

melting away:

The same pieces of snow fall 

Over and over again

in my globe 

I wonder why 

it gets shaken so often 

if the look remains the same  


So when it finally breaks

And I have to clean up the glass

I stare in awe

the figurine still stands tall 

Even without its encasing water

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