Admissions Counseling

We help students grades 9–12 prepare for and strengthen their admissions profiles. Phases are intended to be done consecutively but can be taken individually. See Catalog to register for a phase or book hourly appointments.

All college admissions counseling is done directly by Ryan, Aaron, and Mike.

Current counseling students/parents, see below.


We provide an academic blueprint for each year of high school based on your student's goals and CDS. ​​

  • Up to 3 competitions        (with Aaron or Mike)

  • Guidance on summer & winter programs, MOOCs,  & college classes

  • College admissions projections based on academic interest & achievement


Students build online and offline extracurricular profiles to prepare a well-rounded application.

  • Sapient's unique projects (group & individual)

  • Volunteering / community service

  • Academic & vocational activities (such as internships)

  • LinkedIn & resume


We guide students through college applications. You must choose 2/3: UCs, Common App, and Coalition.

  • Unlimited essay service

  • Activities & Honors section of the application

  • College recommendations (safety, target, reach)

Current Counseling Students/Parents:

  • You must make a free online account to register (free) for sessions.

  • Next, email for scheduling access.

  • The services we provide will remain the same as before. The only change is that these services can now be scheduled online.