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Counseling Services

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Individual & group projects for leadership & academic rigor

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One-stop-shop for college admissions (including essays)


Course selection, tutoring, summer camps, etc.

Action Projects

Action Projects provide leadership opportunities and the ability to gain meaningful research experience related to a student's intended major.

Leadership Action Projects

Objectives (9–10th grade)

Gain interpersonal experience (leadership & collaboration)

Achieve measurable, resume-building outcomes

Prepare for AAP rigor

Advanced Action Projects

Objectives (10–11th grade)

Custom-build project to show expertise in intended major

Connect with industry leaders for strong letters of rec

Become a global citizen through international engagement

College Applications

College-App Bootcamp

Students meet one-on-one with Ryan or Aaron to prepare college applications for private schools & UCs from summer through January.

During summer, students also attend group workshops on critical essay-writing principles with real examples.

Our counseling services are custom-tailored to each student's needs. Because of this, you cannot register online. Please contact us for a free consultation to discuss your goals.

Essay Services

(à la carte)

Ryan and Aaron do help students with individual admissions essays. See Essays for more.


English 1:1s

Aaron offers private, one-on-one lessons in English. Aaron's Functional curriculum is gives students the tools to succeed in rigorous high-school English courses, including:

  • essay & research writing

  • reading comprehension & analysis

  • grammar (fundamentals)

Functional takes 2–4 months to complete. It is best suited for 9–10th graders, but students from 7–11th have flourished.

Aaron also offers à la carte lessons if students need help with a specific school assignment.

STEM 1:1s

Our STEM team includes Jai and Yash and covers all high-school STEM subjects, including math, physics, chemistry, bio, economics, and CS.

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