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Essay Services


Aaron provides:

Comprehensive side & end comments

  • content

  • organization

  • style/tone


  • grammar

  • removing words (if necessary for a word limit)

I will not write any of your essay for you.


See Restrictions and FAQs for more info.

How to submit


1. Upload your essay in the form below. (PDF or docx)

2. Proceed to checkout. In "quantity," type your word count. 


Essay services are $0.30 per word. This does not include title, name, etc.


You must submit an essay at least five business days before the deadline.

This is because my feedback may require you to make major changes to your essay.


Essays cannot be submitted on a mobile browser. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Step 1: Upload your essay

Upload Essay

Thanks for uploading!  Please continue to Step 2.

Step 2: Go to checkout


Student-written letters of rec

In rare cases, a teacher will ask a student to write their own letter of rec. I will not look at these.

Ethics, rules, etc.

I give feedback that I feel is ethical for admissions and competition essays. Most admissions officers I have heard speak about this  topic encourage students to find trustworthy readers for their essays, whether a close friend, relative, teacher, or other mentor.

However, it is your responsibility to ensure that each institution allows you to receive feedback.

Religion, trauma, etc.

Essays on these kinds of topics are incredibly tricky to constructively criticize. While I do my best, I err on the side of avoiding being hurtful. This means that my feedback will be (arguably) less helpful.

Before submitting your essay (to me or anyone), please consider:

  • Are you comfortable with strangers reading this?

  • Are you comfortable receiving constructive criticism about this?

  • Are you comfortable being evaluated for admissions on the basis of this content?

  • Is this matter ongoing—and urgent enough to consider seeking support for?


How long do you spend editing an essay?

For a Common App–length essay, I typically spend 40–60 minutes editing mechanics and writing my side/end comments.

What happened to the other service options?

The old 3-tier system was too complicated. The majority of students chose the "comprehensive" option we currently offer.

But I want a Zoom meeting!

You can book a 30-minute Zoom here, but I will not look at your essay ahead of time. That wouldn't be fair to clients who pay for my editing time.

One of the most confusing things about our old "Zoom + edits" bundle was whether I would provide textual feedback before or after the Zoom. Separating Zoom feedback and textual feedback removes this confusion.

I have questions about your feedback.

You're welcome to email me, and I will clarify or elaborate free of charge. However, I will not look at a new draft unless you pay for a second round of edits.

I can't afford this service, but I still want help!

My blog has helpful essay guides! Even if you pay for my help, you should read these guides first, as they address common weaknesses.

Additionally, if you send me a short email with a question I can easily answer without needing to read your essay, I will do my best to answer your question for free or point you in the direction of a resource that can help you.

What is your opinion of AI?

I will make a blog post on this topic soon. As I noted above, you should follow each institution's requirements and code of ethics when submitting essays. For checking grammar, I have found that Grammarly is more accurate than AI.

Will you tell me how good my essay is compared to other students' essays?

No. I understand that college admissions is a stressful process. Your goal should not be to write an essay that's better than someone else's but rather to write a personal narrative that genuinely expresses who you are and what you're passionate about. 

I disagree with your suggestions or grammar changes!

Essays are subjective (and personal), and I totally understand. My feedback comes in two parts: diagnosis (identifying weaknesses) and prescription (recommending solutions).

  • If you disagree with my prescription, there are many solutions to any given problem. You're welcome to come up with an approach that feels more authentic to you.

  • If you disagree with my diagnosis, it's still valuable to know that an experienced reader—with a background that is likely similar to those of the people evaluating your essay "for real"—came away from your essay with a reaction you did not intend.

If you disagree with my grammar changes, there are many valid ways of expressing any given idea. Some issues, such as whether to use contractions in an admissions essay (I think you can), are subjective.

While it’s unlikely, please email me if you think I made an objective grammar error.

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