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Aaron Blumenthal

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Chief Strategy Officer | English Instructor




I graduated from Harvard University in 2015 with a BA in English (and secondary in music) and the New England Conservatory in 2017 with an MM in Jazz Performance. I teach literary analysis, reading comprehension, essay writing, fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. I develop unique curriculum specifically tailored to each students' needs, using my Functional Grammar and Functional Literature as a starting point to cover foundational skills.

My teaching style is laid-back, patient, detail-oriented, and interactive.


I am also the IS manager for Sapient and designed this website, including writing the majority of its text. (In case you're curious, AI was never used for any text on this website.)


My academic interests include Realism, Modernism, Romantic poetry, Structuralism, and Post-structuralism; my favorite writers include Keats, Austen, Barthes, Milton, Shakespeare, Woolf, Tolstoy, James Wood, Marilynne Robinson, and Mary Oliver. I am currently working on my third novel and have written nearly 100 sonnets and other poems.


In addition to creative writing, I am also working on a music theory book and play the saxophone, piano, flute, clarinet, and trumpet. I was the jazz combo director at Los Alamitos High School during the '18–'19 school year, where I also led jazz improvisation and composition workshops.


I have played Super Smash Brothers Melee competitively since 2014, dual-maining Fox and Falco with Peach and Marth secondaries. I am also a Phob GCC maker and controller modder. In my spare time, I sing and play SSBU and retro games with friends.

Photo Credit: Ian Burgos

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