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Aaron's admissions essay guides have been updated.


Topics include Common App, UC PIQs, and supplements.

Summer SAT registration is now open!

Early Bird Special: $250 off by 4/3

Competition coaching is open.

Current competitions: NYT Editorial, Ocean Awareness, World Historian, Great American Think-Off.

Our Services

SAT and ACT Test Prep 

Students learn to prepare for all major standardized exams using the most efficient methods, created by Sapient's founder, Ryan. With simulated tests, score tracking, small group classes, and individual tutoring, students gain the tools to excel.

College Admissions Counseling

Ryan, Aaron, and Jamie personally help students grades 9–12 prepare for and set up admissions profiles that showcase their strongest features.

1:1 and Group Classes

We offer a wide range of 1:1 and small-group classes for students from 6–12th grade. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student in English or STEM, we have courses for your level at Sapient.

See About Us for more info about Ryan, Aaron, Jamie, Mike, and Leyla.

Our Approach

Test Prep Instructor

Elite Instructors

At Sapient, we have striven* to find the easiest and most efficient methods of preparing students for all major standardized exams. Our instructors graduated from top universities.

*the past participle of "strive" can be either "strived" or "striven"  –Aaron

Learn Learning Education Knowledge Wisdom

Innovative Content

Ryan's CORE strategies will solidify any student's reading fundamentals. Aaron's 

Functional Grammar and

Functional Literature form a complementary set of hands-on lessons and exercises designed to target key skills necessary to succeed in advanced English courses.

In the Classroom Smart Asian Student Ask

Personalized Instruction

With a strong focus on 1:1 and small-group classes, we will tailor our instruction to your specific goals. Whether it’s grammar or calculus, our tutors can assess the best ways for you to improve. 

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99 Hudson Street

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930 Roosevelt

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