• Aaron Blumenthal

What's the point of a college essay? (How to pick a topic!)

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

You've filled out your application profile, including extracurriculars and honors. What's left to say in an essay?

We need to get to know you as a person!

You're more than just your GPA and what sport you play! College aren't just looking for star students; they want to build communities of thoughtful, openminded, collaborative students who will help each other succeed.

3 Main Goals of an Essay

  1. Show that you're an awesome person (leadership and teamwork skills)

  2. Show that you're an awesome student

  3. Stand out!

Topic ideas!

You need to tell a story about yourselfa story where you are the main character! Focus on stories where you interact with other people, make active choices, and (try to) do something!

If you're still stuck, here are some ideas:

  • an interesting choice you made

  • a problem you had to overcome

  • a lesson you learned

  • an event or object that is important to you

  • your first time doing _____

Make sure it matters (to you)!

As with any story, this isn't a science! The long as the topic is important to you, we will see your enthusiasm on the page! Don't worry too much about what kind of topic you're "supposed" to talk about.

Tell us YOUR topic

Do you a unique topic? Share in the comments below!

Good luck with applications! 😎