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Book-Publishing Project

In BP, students meet individually with Aaron once a week hourly for a year for an intensive brainstorming-to-publishing process.

While high-school students of any skill level can participate, BP is intended only for students who genuinely enjoy writing. It is a rigorous program: students will be required to not only keep up with a writing schedule but also read relevant works of short fiction, novel excerpts, and literary criticism.

Book Publishing options:

  • novel (fiction, any genre)

  • short story collection

  • creative nonfiction (such as memoir)

  • poetry collection

Three Levels

Book Publishing has three levels: 75-, 100-, and 200-page. See below for more details.

Contact us for more info or to register.

Three Levels of BP

Having three levels primarily indicates that a student's level of experience will have a major impact on the scope of their project. However, we can't guarantee that the student will write a work of the length they choose.


Level of creative writing experience:

  • 75: minimal or none*

  • 100: moderate

  • 200: highly advanced: cannot be registered for without Aaron's approval

*Students interested in doing poetry should choose 75 regardless of ability.

"Page" refers to double-spaced, Times New Roman, twelve-point font. While word count is industry standard, I have found that a page estimate is easier for students to conceptualize.

Student Excerpts

Byrd Cage

Kacy Chung

Ronnie Byrd's mother died of mysterious causes, leaving her and her sister to fend for themselves in a pandemic that turns the infected into deadly Rashers.


Meanwhile, the enigmatic scientist Dr. Duarf begins to show a strange interest in the two girls.


A dystopian sci-fi novel.

of my own

Vivian Guo

A poetry collection that covers the cycles of nature, family relationships, and coming to terms with your identity.


Vivian's poetry has a signature sparseness that pairs beautifully with her creative use of symbolism and imagery to create a style that is influenced by Mary Oliver but ultimately of her own. 

What students are saying

Kacy Chung

Book Publishing was challenging, but it was also a very immersive process. Not only did BP help me fulfill a goal of sharing a fictional story that I was passionate about, but it also allowed me to learn and revise my writing strategies. I was able to notice myself that my storytelling and conventions have improved as I continued the process. And not to mention, working with Aaron was inspiring as he shared many of his past experiences and knowledge while he was also just as interested in my book’s plot, which allowed me to gain confidence in my writing and connect to other brilliant sources.

The BP project was one I took up with hesitancy; I initially didn't have much interest in writing, nor did I excel in my literature class at school. This indecisiveness initially caused some conflict about what genre I would write in, but I am grateful that Aaron gave me creative freedom throughout the process. Because my prior experiences with Aaron have always been constructive and enjoyable, I knew he would provide necessary guidance. This project offered me a much-needed break from my academic writing and an opportunity to create a product I am truly proud of and excited for others to read.

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